About us

The confrontation in Karabakh has continued to persist for three decades and is of concern to the international community.

A rare case in modern history is the long-term unresolved occupation by Armenia of Nagorno, which means 20% of Azerbaijan’s land. Our primary objective is to publicize the facts of Karabakh in the internet world.

We invite everybody to give their own contributions to the site and to help us make it a preferred place for all generations, an educational, global source of content.

To all young people and socially engaged people, we invite you to join us in expressing to future generations the realities faced by the country.

Our primary goals are to ensure that Karabakh is not overlooked and to send the true view on the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute to the just and civilized citizens of the world.

We share our sincere appreciation to those who are joining us on our journey.