Armenian Forces Continue Shelling Azerbaijani Villages

Armenian Forces Continue Shelling Azerbaijani Villages

The invading Armenian forces are continuing deadly assaults on civilian villages in Azerbaijan.

Armenian Forces Continue Shelling Azerbaijani Villages

As per the latest reports from Azeri authorities, the invading Armenian forces have been targeting the settlements of the Goranboy, Terter, Aghdam, Barda, and Aghjabedi regions since the morning hours, resulting in the deaths of unarmed citizens in the residential settlements.

According to Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry, the Armenian Armed Forces kept bombing Azerbaijani civilian settlements on Thursday. It added that the Azerbaijani army is taking ‘adequate measures’ against threats.


Separately, the ministry released videos of armored vehicles, mostly tanks, left by Armenian soldiers fleeing Horadiz, a village freed from the Armenian occupation in the Fuzuli region.

Drone video of artillery strikes incurred during nighttime fights on Armenia’s military unit headquarters, installations, arms, and ammunition depots has also been published.


The supplies of Azerbaijan’s military personnel participating in the counter-offensive operations are immediately provided under the instruction of President Ilham Aliyev, the statement said.

“The supply of our troops is carried out in a planned manner by the relevant departments, services, and structures. The military personnel participating in the battles are continuously provided with food, military uniform, household items, and necessary properties, ammunition, but the military and combat equipment-with fuel for 24 hours a day.”

The Defense Ministry also said that there were no problems with the supply of combat operations.

All tasks related to supply and equipment were carried out in a timely manner, it added.


The supplies of army members of Azerbaijan engaged in counter-offensive operations are directly issued under President Ilham Aliyev’s orders, the statement stated.


“The procurement of our soldiers is conducted out by the appropriate offices, facilities, and systems in a coordinated manner. Food, military uniform, household items, and essential property, weapons, but the military and war equipment-with fuel for 24 hours a day-are constantly supplied to the military personnel engaged in the wars.”

The Ministry of Defense has confirmed that there were no concerns with the delivery of military operations.

Both supply and equipment-related activities were carried out in a reasonable timeframe, it said.

“The lives of many innocent people have been saved and possible disruption to civilian facilities has been minimized.”

For over three decades, about 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territory has been under unlawful control by Armenia.

The removal of the invading forces is requested by four UN Security Council and two resolutions of the UN General Assembly, as well as by several internation bodies.