Turkish and Russian Security Chiefs To Discuss The Nagorno Karabakh

Turkish and Russian Security Chiefs To Discuss The Nagorno Karabakh

The Turkish National Defense Minister informed his Russian counterpart on a Monday telephone conversation that in the Caucasus war Armenia must avoid targeting civilian settlements in breach of a recent ceasefire and withdraw from the invaded territories.

Turkish and Russian Security Chiefs To Discuss The Latest Developments

source: https://www.trtworld.com

The Turkish Defense Ministry’s statement confirmed that Hulusi Akar and Sergey Shoygu, Russia, spoke about the Armenian assaults on Azerbaijan as well as current developments in Libya and Idlib, North-West of Syria.

According to the quote, Azerbaijan should not wait some other three decades for a resolution because it emphasizes Armenia must stop attacking civilian settlements and leave the occupied territories of Azerbaijan in infringement of the cease-fire.

A conditional humanitarian cease-fire was announced on Saturday, but it has been plagued by Armenian abuses, according to Azerbaijan.

Karabakh Conflict

Since 1991, when the Armenian Army invaded Azerbaijan’s officially recognized territories, Upper Karabakh, the two republics had strained their relations.

The Minsk Group of the OSCE, co-chaired by France, Russia, and the US, was founded in 1992 to seek, but to no avail, a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

On Sept. 27, new violence broke, and since then, Armenia has started attacking Azerbaijani civilian populations and forces.

A new cease-fire has been urged by many global powers, such as Russia, France, and the US. In the meantime, Turkey-backed Baku’s right to self-defense anew-move-for-peace-as-ceasefire/nd insisted that Armenia must withdraw from the occupied lands.